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I purchased my coverage from Endurance two years ago and already filed one claim with them. I only had to pay my deductible ($100) and everything else was covered. They have great customer service.
Joe P.
I called in and got a quote in minutes for my car. The salesperson that I spoke with was very efficient and was able to work with me even though I was driving at the time and had to call back in to give him my payment information a couple of days later. I loved the professionalism and fast service.
Lester S.
Very simple to use and has already saved me a lot of money. I have already had two claims approved and in total it would have cost me over $2100 but thankfully I purchased my warranty and the repairs were paid for over the phone by the warranty company. Very happy with my purchase!
Jessica P.
Automotive News
Roadside Assistance Services for Older Drivers. - Huffington Post September 14, 2015
This article explains “roadside assistance.” Getting set up with a roadside assistance service means a driver can call on day or night if their vehicle breaks down or gets into an accident. The article goes on to list several different options to help prospective buyers find a plan that suits them such as AAA, Auto Clubs, and On-Demand assistance services.

What If The Manufacturer "Knows" Your Car Is Defective? - Jalopnik September 8, 2015
This article is an editorial about the possibility that auto manufacturers are aware of problems with the cars they put out. The cars do not have problems that suggest a need for a recall since mere knowledge of a defect does not create warranty liability. If might create liability for a SELLER who knows a car suffers from a problem and does not disclose that fact to the buyer. But in the scenario I described above, the problem manifested itself after the purchase. The seller could not have known about the problem which had not appeared yet. It’s up to customers to do this research beforehand.

Pros and Cons of Certified Pre-Owned Cars - August 19, 2015
List of the benefits and problems regarding the purchase of a certified pre-owned vehicle. A dealer-certified used car probably may not get the multipoint inspection or the series of repairs that the factory-certified car did. Also, these cars won't have a warranty backed by the factory, so if you want a warranty you'll have to buy an extended one through the dealer or an insurance company.

Mazda to Offer Unlimited Mileage Warranty in Canada - Automotive News November 13, 2014
Great news for Mazda fans! The automaker said that they will offer an unlimited mileage car warranty to customers who purchase Mazda vehicles in Canada starting with 2015 model year.

Extended Car Warranty Services Review 2014 - Top Ten Reviews March 2014
With its attention to detail and in-depth analysis. has been established as the “go-to” review site in the industry. Find out who ranks number one among companies and why this site is commonly referred to as a “wealth of knowledge with an unbiased review process.”

Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Reliability Gets Worse - Consumer Reports February 26, 2014
While it is a common notion that Hybrid vehicles have been known to outlast their fuel guzzling competitors, something may be worth looking into before buying the Honda Civic hybrid. It turns out that their battery life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be and may end up setting you back a pretty penny if you plan on keeping the car for an extended period of time.

GM Expands Ignition Switch Recall by More than 588,000 Vehicles - Automotive News February 25, 2014
It seems that General Motors is facing yet another vehicle recall. After an initial recall of GM auto’s, they are extending it to almost 600,000 additional makes and models including the Saturn Ion & Sky, Chevrolet Cobolt & HHR, and Pontiac Solstice; among numerous others reported. Due to incorrect tracking data, the number of recalled automobiles continues to grow.

Couple Buys a Lemon, Fights Auto Dealer Until Fox Problem Solvers Get Involved - Fox News February 17, 2014
What happens when you buy an extended auto warranty on a used car from a dealership? Sometimes it will be ok. But most times, you will end up like the couple that requested help from the Fox News Problem Solvers unit after a not-so-reputable dealer tried to take them to the cleaners and refuse to honor his very own warranty.

How to Find a Trustworthy Auto Body Shop - Daily Courant February 15, 2014
Most people think that finding an honest mechanic is like finding a needle in a haystack. In fact, mechanics have some of the worst reputations when it comes to consumer opinion. Don’t get ripped off next time you get your car serviced, find out what to look for and what to avoid when searching for a decent repair facility.

Chrysler Extends Fuel Tank Warranties on 153,000 Older Cars - Detroit News February 14, 2014
After numerous complaints of engine stalling, it seems that Chrysler is extending their warranties on older cars for many of their Dodge Charger and Magnum models. While other models are affected, it isn’t as much as a safety issue as it is a monetary issue. Find out what could be costing you extra money at the gas pump and what to do to fix it.

Save Time and Money by Taking Control of Car Repairs - Kansas City Star February 14, 2014
While an extended warranty for used cars can definitely save you money on service to your automobile, there are other ways to keep your finances in the green. Just make sure that any repair tips that you find won’t void your service plan or original manufacturer’s warranty.