Extended Auto Warranty Companies

With so many auto warranty companies to choose from, it is enough to make your head spin. Check out our reviews and ratings for each one and find out more about coverage options, payment plans, and more.

Review Criteria

Our reviews for auto warranty companies is a straightforward process. Each one must go through a rigorous audit, completing all of the categories below

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  • Price
  • Coverage Options
  • Ratings & Certifications
  • Claim Process
  • Payment Plans
  • Plan Benefits
  • Service Locations
  • Customer Support
Company Phone Number VPA Certified* BBB Rating**
Endurance Vehicle Protection 1-866-432-4443 yes  A+
Atlas Auto Protection
d/b/a Consumer Protection Services
1-800-248-8416 yes  A
Vehicle Assurance 1-636-925-7800 yes  B-
Repair Defense Network 1-800-466-5933 yes  C
National Vehicle Protection Services 1-877-515-9966 yes  C-
AutoAssure 1-800-211-0988 yes  D+
Protection Direct 1-877-987-PDGO yes  D-
CarSafe LLC 1-866-364-3336 yes  F
Key Vehicle Resources 1-866-386-0133 yes  n/a
Pinnacle Automotive Protection 1-888-206-4933 yes  n/a
StopRepairBills.com 1-800-530-6051 yes  n/a
American Auto Shield 1-303-420-7488 no  A+
EasyCare 1-800-230-2434 no  A+
Warranty Direct 1-800-632-4222 no  A+
The Auto Warranty Agency 1-888-222-4445 no  B
AAAutoProtection.com 1-888-222-4445 no  n/a


*VPA – Vehicle Protection Association

**BBB – Better Business Bureau (click on the company’s rating to view the full BBB profile)