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Endurance Vehicle Protection, also known as Endurance Warranty or Endurance Direct, is one of the largest service contract providers in the nation. The company has been protecting drivers for more than seven years and was our number one choice for the following reasons:

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  • A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Certified by the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA)
  • Exclusive partner of Cars.com
  • Have been in business for over 9 years
  • Ranked #1 by TopTenReviews
  • Over $25,000,000 paid in total claims
  • Endorsed by automotive expert and car enthusiast Courtney Hansen
  • Named Customer Service Department of the Year at the American Business Awards
  • Repairs can be done by any ASE licensed mechanic throughout the nation

Company Background:

You may have seen their commercials featuring the pretty blonde woman in thigh-high boots explaining how Endurance works and why you need it. Or possibly, you just heard their name being thrown around as one of the “big wigs” in the extended warranty industry. Either way, Endurance has undoubtedly displayed their dominance in the market and is never afraid to show it (more about that below).

The company was founded in 2006 and is one of the largest administrators of vehicle service contracts in the nation. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and are gold-certified by the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA). This is prominently displayed on all facets of their marketing. One of the major ways this company sets itself apart from the pack is that they are actually sell their very own policies. This means that when you buy a contract from Endurance, you are buying an actual Endurance policy. Our in-depth review will elaborate on this information.

Endurance In-Depth Review:

Website/Application–  The website is colorful and user-friendly. It contains a lot of useful information (blog articles answering questions in full detail) without being overloaded with technical mumbo-jumbo. After exploring their site and absorbing all of the information, we filled out their online application. Basic information is required such as: Name, Telephone Number, E-Mail, Make/Model, Mileage, etc.

customer service on the phone call with Endurance Vehicle ProtectionPhone Call– Shortly after clicking the ‘submit’ button on the quote page, we received a call almost immediately. Now this was some pretty impressive response times. We have seen places get back to us in the same day but never seconds after submitting. We asked the representative on the line if it was “all hands on deck” over there, and he chuckled and explained that is how they work and that their response times were ranked one of the fastest by Forbes.com. Now, we did our research and found this to be true. It was impressive to say the least.

Sales Pitch– Our vehicle protection specialist, as he called himself, was named Cedric. From the moment that he picked up the phone he was cheerful, energetic, and patient. We could hear some noise in the background, figuring that they were very busy fielding calls. The reason we mention this, is that during the entire 22-minute call, we never felt rushed or pressured to buy. To test these guys, we asked our auto expert to write down a handful of very technical and specific questions to ask them. Now, we don’t know if Cedric is a car expert himself, but he had an answer to every single one of them.

Follow-Up: Because we were solely testing Endurance for the purpose of this review we wanted to document the follow up communications that we received. In total, after submitting the initial quote request we received three e-mails and four calls. Overall, we agreed that this showed a persistent but not overbearing.

Customer Support: We didn’t want to only test out Endurance’s sales process, but we also wanted to get a feel for Endurance’s customer service. After calling in to their customer service line we were immediately greeted with a soft-voice and welcoming tone. The representative, who asked to remain nameless, was extremely polite and knowledgeable. She spent considerable time going over the coverage plans and answered all of our questions about the claims process. We spoke to her in excess of 20 minutes and the entire time she never seemed rushed, rude, or annoyed. We were quite impressed with the way she handled the call. We also decided to reach out to Endurance’s social media profiles to see if customer support was as responsive as they were over the phone. We used two separate profiles to ask a question on the Endurance Facebook, one as a comment and one as a direct message. In both instances, we were promptly responded to and received the answer to our questions. In order to get a great scope of their customer service efforts, we also reached our via the Endurance Twitter and Google+ pages and received a similarly speedy response with the answers to our questions. Overall, it seems as though their customer service staff is just as prepared as their sales staff. This was a great sign for us.

Negatives: We must admit that Endurance had one of the most hassle-free experiences compared to other companies, but there were a few things they could do to improve the customer experience even more. For starters, they could have an online chat system. We live such hectic lives that oftentimes we have to double up and search for personal items at work or somewhere else less private. An online chat service could easily expand their market by grabbing those nine-to-fivers during their free moments. We would also suggest that they highlight their policy benefits more. We can all admit that additional benefits are one of the perks in life, so they should highlight that more online and over the phone.

Endurance Warranty Refund Policy

Endurance Warranty offers a 30-day money back guarantee to give drivers total peace of mind. They stand behind their product, which means that if a driver is not 100% satisfied by their coverage options, they are able to get their money back. Endurance Warranty refunds are obtainable by calling their customer service number and speaking directly to one of their representatives. The representative can process this refund and the money is returned in the form of a company check. Industry average publishes that refunds are sent in 15-30 business days due to clerical obstacles.

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